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Special Blythe Dress Club Membership.  July & August 2022

Special Blythe Dress Club Membership. July & August 2022

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Hello, and welcome to The Special Dress Club for July & August 2022. 


Please read the following information thoroughly before placing your purchase :)

2 Special/deluxe dresses (one per installment) and 2 of my other styles (one per installment) = 4 total.

For example - July could be one tutu and one sparkly frock. August could be one Pillow dress and one flutter sleeved frock.  

This Special version of the dress club runs in July & August 2022. Parcels will be posted at the end of the month.  

This version of the club is special simply because it includes two of the styles I don't offer in my usual dress club.  I try to go above and beyond for all of my club members, the 'special' is just a way of describing these particular styles, which take longer to create and are sold at a higher price point to reflect this.   These styles include - Tutus, Pillow dresses and Panelled dresses.  You can message me if you have a particular preference, but please read on to understand the nature of the club :)


I design and make dresses for the club to reflect the value of 4 for the price of 3, with the regularly lowest priced item for free. 

The club is run as a surprise purchase, so you won't know what you are getting.

This is the fun part (If you like surprises!)  I can't take requests for clubs, as it's not supposed to be a commission service.  However, If you have any strong likes or dislikes, in terms of colour for example, please do let me know.  
Additionally, if you have some of my dresses already you can send me a group photo of them (no need to put them on a doll) and I will make sure you don't get anything too similar. 

If you aren't a fan of surprises, keep an eye on my IG for future commission spots.  They are available from time to time :) Also, monthly shop updates are announced on my IG, they always include a range of styles and colours to choose from.

If you are familiar with my work you'll know that my dresses are aged for a well loved look, and can come in any colour from whites and faded pastels, to punchy vibrant shades, and moody deep hues.  I work mainly with silks, although other materials may feature. I also love to use antique and vintage trims, have lots of fun hand dyeing and like to use an occasional bit of sparkle!
Please take a look at my Instagram for examples of my work. https://www.instagram.com/thepumpkinbelle/ 

If you want to join the fun, then please make your purchase, and your first parcel of 2 will ship in July (no set date, end of month)   

Dresses pictured as an example only.

Sized to fit Neo Blythe. Fit tested on Stock Takara and Licca bodies. 

Please note - Customers based outside of the United Kingdom, now including within the EU,  may have to pay customs fees upon delivery.  These fees are set by your country and vary from place to place.  

For tracked shipping on clubs please purchase the add on tracking listing.