Hello and welcome! The next update will be on Sunday April the 7th at 6pm BST.


Hello, and welcome to The Pumpkinbelle!  Below are answers to some questions that I have been asked.  If your question is not covered, please get in touch with me at thepumpkinbelle@gmail.com 

'Why is your shop always empty?' 

I currently stock the shop in scheduled updates, at a rate of once or twice a month.  The dates are added to the page header by the beginning of each month.

'I was checking out and my item vanished from my cart, what happened?' 

I appreciate how disappointing this is!
Some updates move very fast (thank you all) and the cart does not reserve an item, it stays in stock until a customer has completed the checkout process, so if item/s disappear from your cart it's because another customer completed checkout first.

'I live in (insert fabulous far flung country) and my time zone makes it difficult for me to shop your updates, how can you help?'

I am in the United Kingdom, so my updates are mainly scheduled at a time when I can give my shop and customers my full attention, rather than splitting it between you and childcare, which is why I tend to stick to between 7 and 8pm my time on a Sunday.   
I do occasionally offer an earlier (for me) time, but I cannot currently commit to it regularly.
I also do what I call 'stealth updates' which are always outside of my usual evening time, and are announced as they go up on IG.  These are completely unscheduled.

'I am ordering from outside the United Kingdom, will I have to pay fees?'

Yes, you may have to pay the VAT and/or import taxes and handling/processing fees due to your government depending on the cost of your purchase.  These fees and thresholds vary from country to country, so please read up on the regulations for where you live, as I don't have each individual countries current information to hand.  Any additional fees are always the responsibility of the buyer.

'Can I order commission piece/s?'  

Very occasionally I am able to offer a commission slot if you have struggled to shop an update for any reason.  I do appreciate that it can be stressful and disappointing to miss out (I've been there myself, far too many times!) and if I can, I will do my best to accomodate you, however, if I do not have the time, please don't be offended or take it personally.  

'Where can I see your upcoming items?'

Some preview pieces are posted to IG in the week and days prior to the update.  My shop does not allow me to preview items before putting them up for sale, so the shop is empty until I hit 'publish' at the specified time.   I try to do a group/collage shot, to give a peek at what is coming. 

'Will you ever make (insert style) again?'

Quite likely in some form or another, yes!  
My love of sewing in general is driven by a love of fabric and colour, which is why I dye in small batches, buy vintage and antique fabrics and trims, and also a lot of different silks, cotton, linen, lace and tulle fabrics.  The styles may be repeated, but the details, such as the exact shade of silk, or particular antique lace may change.  I like variety! 
Saying that, no item should ever be considered a true ooak, unless I specify it in the listing.  Sometimes I see a previous style and it twangs the sewing part of my brain to make another. (also, sometimes it's lovely to have a tiny pile of the same dresses! It makes my feel very accomplished for some reason)